James J. Jones presents...
Cutting Edge New Software Enables Anyone -- even if you are completely artistically challenged -- to Create Beautiful Illustrations and Images... Blazingly FAST!

re you frustrated that YOU can't create stunning graphics and illustrations quickly when you need them?

Tired of paying "hack" graphic artists who deliver mediocre work?

And worse of all -- the time it takes to get exactly what you want :-(

I feel your pain!

My name is James Jones and I have a confession to make:

Although I'm great at developing powerful and easy to use software tools, I absolutely SUCK at anything having to do with creating graphics or illustrations.

In fact, I am completely and utterly Artistically Challenged...

That's why I developed Drag 'n Drop Illustrator

Drag 'n Drop Illustrator allows you to create stunning images and illustrations from scratch by simply dragging and dropping image objects onto your background.

Here are some of the many features of Drag 'n Drop Illustrator:
  • Includes dozens of backgrounds or you can easily import your own

  • Includes hundreds of vector image objects -- all are resizable and transparent

  • Easy to use Character Creator (create your own human or monster characters to use in your images)

  • Use the simple but feature rich text tool to create captions, titles, word balloons -- even text clouds and text signs!

  • Powerful Filter Settings allow you to add eye-catching special effects such as: Bevel, Drop Shadow, Blur, Glow, Gray Scale and Invert Colors

  • Easy to Use Controls allow you to change the Opacity, Position and Rotation of each object with the click of your mouse.

  • Need a mirror image of your object? One click the Flip button is all it takes.

  • Add an unlimited number of object layers -- add as many images as you want to one illustration and control each one independently

  • Additional Image Packs are easily installed directly from the Drag 'n Drop Illustrator interface.

  • Easy install... works on PC or Mac using free Adobe .Air software -- NO emulation software needed.

  • Lifetime Software Updates -- we have many software updates planned (including additional Character Creators)

  • One Year Free Support

  • Backed by The Net Results -- a Software Company that has been creating software tools for over 7 years.
Don't take my word for it... see it in action here:

Everything you need to create beautiful images is included with Drag 'n Drop IllustratorYou'll get instant access to download the software and be able to create stunning images within minutes!

Plus You'll Also Get these How to Use Drag 'n Drop Illustrator Tutorial Videos:
  • Video 1 -- Introduction to Drag 'n Drop Illustrator
  • Video 2 -- Importing Images and Using Image Packs
  • Video 3 -- Using the Filter Tools
  • Video 4 -- Using the Drawing and Text Tools
  • Video 5 -- How to Use Drag 'n Drop Illustrator Asset Directories
  • Video 6 -- How to Crop your Images using the Crop Tool
  • Video 7 -- File Formats and Saving your Work
  • Video 8 -- Using the Character Creator
There's no risk to you...whether you're are completely artistically challenged (like me :-) or a graphics guru (like Tony) you'll get massive value out of this software. I'm so sure of it I'm taking all of the risk...

100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days

I want to put all the risk on my shoulders. And I don't want you to feel like you're risking a penny. Besides the low price, I am also guaranteeing every penny for thirty days. If you're not ecstatic with Drag 'n Drop Illustrator anytime within the next 30 days just send an email to support@thenetresults.com and we'll refund every cent of your money -- and you can keep the Vector Toons Gift Certificate with our compliments. We simply don't want your money if you're not happy.

(image created using Drag 'n Drop Illustrator)

"YES, I want Instant Access to
Drag 'n Drop Illustrator!"

Yes! I'm ready to start using Drag 'n Drop Illustrator right now.

I understand that I'm going to get the software that makes it easy for me to create beautiful images for Kindle eBooks illustrations, eBook covers, website headers, memes and anywhere else I need beautiful images.

I know it's a one-time investment of $97 to get full access to the Drag 'n Drop Illustrator and that every penny of my money is guaranteed for thirty full days... plenty of time to put this software to the test and create my own images and illustrations!

I'll also get dozens of backgrounds and 22 31 Image Packs that contain 100s of transparent, vector image.

AND, in addition I'll receive 8 tutorial videos so I can get started immediately.

I'll receive all this at a greatly discounted price...

Just click "Buy Now" to grab Drag 'n Drop Illustrator at this limited discount price...

Thank you for reading my letter, and I look forward to seeing you inside the download site.


James Jones
James J. Jones

The Net Results, LLC
11121 Carmel Commons Blvd
Suite 305
Charlotte, NC 28226

P.S. Here are some comments from current Drag 'n Drop Illustrator customers:

From: Tony Roggenkamp

Drag n Drop Illustrator has enough features for the creation of images by simply dropping images which can be any of the provided ones or others that you have. As it provides only the necessary functions the learning curve is quite simple compared to the high priced graphic programs, also you won't require a top of the line computer to run it.

It provides an ideal way to stimulate your creativity. Simply drop some of the provided images together and you can find yourself making up a story, or perhaps ideas for a more complex image. I suspect that even children would enjoy this and the program is simple to learn.

From: Audrey Ly

Since I have started to publish children fiction, graphics has been a problem for me. I bought Drag and Drop Illustrator after watching a webinar. This software is not only easy to use, it is very versatile. While it comes with tons of beautiful graphics and I have the option of uploading graphics that I purchase which I can use it over and over again. The software comes with a lot of functions that can modify images. I really enjoy using this tool. Certainly a great time and money saver!

From: Nickolove Lovemore

If you need to create graphics for children's ebooks and Kindle books then the Drag and Drop Illustrator is a great tool to have as it makes picture composition fast, easy and fun. There's no massive learning curve so you can start creating your images within minutes. You can create images for both the interior of your book as well as design your book's cover and while it's great for children's books you can create special graphics for other book projects as well.

From: Sue Antinoro

I have been looking for an easy to use graphics program that would allow me to create images for my kindle books and the Drag and Drop Illustrator is wonderful. It has an easy interface and comes with a host of nice images. The object settings also allow me to tweak the images as I see fit. This will save me a lot of money in the long run, not having to outsource simple images.

From: Larry Howeth

I just wanted to tell you what a terrific piece of software you have produced. Drag and Drop Illustrator is straightforward and easy to use to create colorful images for any book or story. Or choose a background, add some characters and use the images to stimulate ideas for a new story ! It is a fun and addictive program. Highly recommended.

From: J.A. Bernard

"My favorite feature of the software is the image packs. It comes with a variety of packs. There are animals, monsters, dinosaurs, kids, flowers and more. From those packs you can drag the item you want onto your canvas to build up your image. This makes it easy, because the pictures are on transparent backgrounds.

What I like most is the quick and easy way you can add, remove and resize the images on your canvas .This makes writing a lot easier. Another cool feature of the software is that you can draw your own illustration if you have the talent. The drawing tool is very easy to use.

I would recommend the software to anyone who wants to quickly produce children’s books, comics, backgrounds or banners."

From: Keith Sylvester

I have been using Drag and Drop Illustrator for a short while and I have enjoyed it a lot. Like many of the products I have purchased from the Net Results, it has been easy to use and the support has been great. Just as the title says, it is really just a matter of finding the graphics you want (and this program has a lot of them!), dragging it and dropping it onto the canvas. Because of this product, I am days away from creating my first children's book! I look forward to getting it published and providing the results here.

I am looking forward to using this for other purposes too, such as website graphics and sales page graphics too.

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